Hassling for life - an academic poster

Today I attended the Consortium for Street Children 2015 research conference. We gathered with other academics and practitioners at the Amnesty International offices in east London to discuss the topic of street-connected children's identities. The day was full of interesting discussion and a variety of perspectives which I will reflect on in a later post. However, the purpose of this post is to attach my first ever academic poster!

The poster is based on my research in progress and the invivo code "hassling for life on my own", which I have recoded as "making one's own way" in my data analysis. The poster highlights some of my current top level findings in a mere 800 words. After today, and seeing everyone else's posters(!), I have some much better ideas of good poster layouts. I particularly struggled with decisions on how to use colour. I think next time I will make better use of the themes in MS PowerPoint.

There are lots of resources out there advising on how to make a good academic poster, but by far the most witty and informative is this website I stumbled across by Colin Purrington. Feel free to also draw on his pearls of wisdom.

And, without further ado... here's the poster: