The purpose of a website

Writing the first blog post on a new website is a challenging experience full of apprehension. I have been tweaking photographs, resizing headings and mind-mapping ideas intermittently for the past two days. My supervisors have been advising me about setting up a website since the beginning of my PhD. I have been putting this task off until now. After some deliberation, I decided that a website is a useful undertaking for the following reasons:

  1. It encourages me to write, writing helps me to process my thoughts and I need to have processed thoughts in order to write a PhD.
  2. It is good to share insights, experiences and challenges with other would-be and current PhD students and researchers.
  3. I consider my research valuable only if it can be communicated and understood by a wide audience, publishing on a website will test this.
  4. It provides accountability and sign-posting for people interested in my work.
  5. It provides a creative outlet.

A wise friend tells me that I need to be writing about things I am interested in if I am to maintain a blog. For this purpose, I have added different pages to the website to provide a space of co-habitation for the varying things that I find myself drawn to when I am not analysing data or strategising with my research assistant. Do not be surprised if I write about a plant- or crochet-based project within the "Antic" quarter of this website. These small eccentricities are the bread-and-butter of my joy. I also get very excited about ideas, theories and concepts from a wide range of genres. I won't hold my enthusiasm back if the mood to communicate strikes. TED Talks are likely to be cited.

Now that I have broken the blog ice, expect to hear from me again soon.